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This workshop is part 3 of the 3 part Leadership for Inclusive Practices Conference Series. It is highly recommended that participants enroll in all 3 days, however each day can be taken as a standalone learning event. This workshop will focus on the following learning objectives: 1) Understand the mission of the IIRP Graduate School. 2) Learn and identify the fundamental principles of restorative practices and the use and application of the restorative practices. 3) Recognize restorative practices as a social science and the need for students’ self-reflection as they develop relational competencies in building community. Following an interactive keynote with Ms. Hebling, leaders from DESE will review resources and priorities at the MA Department of Elementary and Secondary Education related to rethinking discipline. The day will conclude with an "unconference" - through which participants will organically generate topics and engage in participant-driven learning to help them bring their learning forward to action in their schools. More
Dates: 03/26/2018
Status: 20 open seats left
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Working with traumatized people has a profound impact on our personal lives---our thoughts, feelings, choices, relationships, physical health and spiritual beliefs. Although our clients often give us hope and restore our belief in the resiliency of human beings, the work can challenge or disrupt our sense of well-being. Too often we react to a crisis of well-being and many months later find ourselves in the same dilemma. This workshop will explore the highly individual ways that the work effects us as well as offering several strategies for chronic self-care. Participants are welcome to share professional and personal experiences during this time, however, the workshop may also have value for those who listen, reflect and choose not to share. This session will focus on the following learning objectives: To differentiate vicarious trauma, burnout, and compassion fatigue To learn the fundamentals of Laurie Lipsky’s Trauma Stewardship Model To learn the fundamentals of Sandra Bloom’s SELF Model To identify sources of compassion satisfaction 3 PDPs Available Application has been submitted for LMHC and LICSW to be available at additional cost. More
Starts: 4/4/2018 12:00 PM
Session: 1
Status: 45 open seats left
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