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What is a makerspace? How can I create one in my school or district? How can I leverage a makerspace to increase student and community engagement in my school? In this three-session workshop (two face-to-face meetings plus an online webinar), you will explore these questions and more. 

Participants will…

  • have a fun, collaborative hands-on experience

  • explore a wide range of the possible configurations of makerspaces

  • begin a guided process to create your own makerspace

  • bring your plan back to your school for implementation

  • online follow-up session to share your experiences and challenges

  • work with your colleagues to find solutions and inspiration

  • design and integrate a makerspace into your curriculum,

  • make connections to strategies like Project-Based Learning and STEAM education

Makerspaces are places where "learning = doing"

Come and create your own makerspace!

Other Information

Morning coffee and lunch included

Bring your own device

At the end of the first session (after you have gotten to try many tools), each participant will get to select a product (valued at $40) to take back to your school, classroom, or library! The products will be given out at the second workshop!
Starts: 4/26/2017 9:00 AM
Sessions: 2
Status: 13 open seats left
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If you're an educator or leader who is a super user and enthusiast of Google tools in the classroom, this bootcamp will take you through the advanced skills and concepts to take the certification exam to prove your expertise.

Participants will…
  • have a fun, collaborative hands-on experience

  • learn advanced features of Docs like tables, hyperlinks, equations, research and how to use a doc as hyperdoc

  • explore data through pivot tables, motion charts, conditional formatting and sparklines in Sheets

  • create dynamic Slideshows for engaging instruction

  • differentiate learning in Classroom

  • engage students with Hangouts on Air

  • create and manage YouTube videos

  • explore ways to personalize learning through Project-Based Learning, Flipped Learning, and Blended Learning

...and much much more!

*Google Educator Level 1 and Level 2 Certifications are required before applying to be a Google Certified Trainer. Based on the participants knowledge and skills, further practice may be required before taking the exam. Exam can be taken at the participant’s convenience.

  • Morning Coffee & Lunch Included
  • Please bring your own device with a webcam

    Minimum of 10 needed to run course.
Starts: 5/8/2017 9:00 AM
Sessions: 3
Status: 22 open seats left
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Learn the power of GSuite (Google Apps for Education! Learn how you can use it in your classroom, in your administrative duties, to communicate and collaborate with colleagues.

Participants will…

  • have a fun, collaborative hands-on experience

  • learn about the power of the Chrome browser
  • experience how gmail, calendar and contacts can streamline your workflow 
  • communicate with Google Hangouts
  • learn the ins and outs of Drive and Docs
  • Meet other educators and leaders from surrounding districts and learn from each other
  • be encouraged to explore, take risks and experiment

  • work with your colleagues to find solutions and inspiration

  • Explore Apps and Extensions

Morning coffee and lunch provided

Please bring your own device (laptop or chromebook) with a webcam
Starts: 6/26/2017 8:30 AM
Session: 1
Status: 12 open seats left
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