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This two day bootcamp is for educators who are comfortable using the G Suite of Tools (Google Apps for Education) and want to prepare for the Level 1 Certified Educator exam. We will cover the themes and tools required to take the exam*. This workshop has pathways for both administrators and teachers. 

Participants will…

  • have a fun, collaborative hands-on experience

  • learn how Google tools can work together to create a paperless classroom or a paperless meeting

  • Meet other educators and leaders from surrounding districts and learn from each other

  • be encouraged to explore, take risks and experiment

  • work with your colleagues to find solutions and inspiration

  • Explore Apps and Extensions

  • Create a presentation, website, youtube channel, classroom and more

  • Learn about new tools like Google Cardboard & Expeditions

  • make connections to Digital Learning and Digital Citizenship

*Based on the participants knowledge and skills, further practice may be required before taking the exam. Exam can be taken at the participant’s convenience.

Bring your own device (with a webcam preferred)

Please bring a brown bag lunch.
Starts: 6/22/2017 8:30 AM
Sessions: 2
Status: 15 open seats left
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This is a 3-Day Introductory Course. This course aligns with Standards II & III of the Massachusetts Framework for Educator Evaluation.

Learning Objectives: Participants will bridge multiple perspectives and apply a cultural proficiency (CP) framework to increase the quality of education and achievement for all students.

Learners will:

  • Become familiar with the principles, elements, and tools of CP.

  • Engage in self-exploration and reflection of personal attitudes, beliefs, and assumptions regarding diversity and equity.

  • Increase understanding of the historical context of inequality in schools.

  • Begin to internalize and value CP as an approach to leading and managing the dynamics of diversity.

  • See the relationship between the CP approach and our work to increase student achievement.

  • Begin to apply the CP approach to building and organizational planning, practice, and policy-making

    Morning Coffee and Lunch Included
Starts: 7/5/2017 8:30 AM
Sessions: 3
Status: 20 open seats left
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Cultural proficiency and equity are sensitive and complex subjects, and depth of content
knowledge and skillful facilitation are essential. For those who have already completed the
3 day courses “Culturally Proficient Leadership” or “Unpacking Cultural Proficiency” (or similar
coursework), we are offering this 4 day “Deep Dive” into the subject. Participants in Deep Dive will
develop advanced knowledge and skills in equity/anti-bias content, difficult conversations, and action
planning for next steps in your school.

Curriculum Content:

The Deep Dive class will include skills and concepts such as:
  • Understanding and application of the cultural proficiency model and the barriers to cultural proficiency - lack of awareness, oppression, and privilege (Lindsey, et al) 
  • Additional content regarding equity and cultural proficiency in schools 
  • Techniques to skillfully conduct and process equity activities and conversations (i.e. difficult conversations, managing resistance, etc). 
  • Self-reflection regarding personal experiences, biases, assumptions, etc.

    Morning Coffee and Lunch Included
Starts: 7/10/2017 8:30 AM
Sessions: 4
Status: 15 open seats left
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This 5-day series is designed to provide special education leaders with specific training in how to develop and implement their own district/building level training on writing instructionally relevant IEP goals that are measurable.

3 Days in the Summer
  • What does an in-district IEP Training Curriculum look like? 
  • How do you develop an In-district IEP Training Plan? 
  • What strategies are key to successful implementation and monitoring? 

2 Days in the Fall
Coaching and support - what are the ongoing nuts and bolts of in-district implementation and monitoring? 

  • Coffee and Light Lunch included
  • Each participant will receive a copy of the book "IEP Goals That Make a Difference: An Administrator’s guide to Improving the Process"
Starts: 8/15/2017 8:30 AM
Sessions: 5
Status: 83 open seats left
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